IHA Gear Pee Cloth The IHA Gear pee cloth is a triple layered silver infused anti-microbial pee cloth. Reusable and safe for multiple uses. Our water proof outer layer keeps your hands clean and dry. Get adventure ready!  BUY ON AMAZON Single Tie Dye
  • SINGLE OR TWO PACK: Ladies, say farewell to hiking toilet paper and say hello to your reusable pee cloth! Use in addition to a female urination device for a convenient way to pee outdoors while staying clean and dry without feeling exposed.
  • WATERPROOF: Made with a layer of waterproof polyester to keep hands clean and dry. Our elastic hand strap not only prevents you from dropping your pee rag on the ground but also can conveniently snap to your pack for easy access.
  • REFLECTIVE: Easily find your pee cloth at night with our reflective strip! No more searching and fumbling around in the dark. Just shine your light in the direction of your pee rag and our reflective strip will guide the way.
  • EASY TO USE: Place your pee cloth on your hiking gear pack using the hand strap or tuck into an exterior pocket. When nature calls simply detach and use the black side to wipe or dab until dry. Then reattach your pee cloth to your pack either folding in half or leaving open with the black side facing out for faster drying and UV sanitation! Only use for urine.
  • ABOUT US: We are a small business based out of San Antonio TX. As a military family we have enjoyed traveling the country and exploring new places. We are so excited to share products that will encourage outdoor adventures while making it even easier to LEAVE NO TRACE!
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